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Neighborhood Watch

Across the nation crime is of concern to citizens in cities, suburbs, towns, and rural areas. Increasingly, citizens and law enforcement professionals realize that neither one can eradicate crime working separately. Neighbors and other concerned citizens, working cooperatively with law enforcement, can have a positive effect.

The West Baton Rouge Local Emergency Planning Committee in Cooperation with the WBR Sheriff's Office, The Rosehill Fire Department, The Port Allen City Police and the Parish Citizens Core Council has teamed up to help with establishing Neighborhood Watch Programs in the Parish.
Below are links to infomation on the Parish Neighborhood Watches with Contact Information to join an existing Block Watch. You wll also find link to valuable resources to help youwith your protecting you and your family from Burglarys. If you would like to form a block watch in your area that is not served by a block watch please contact us by clicking here to send us a message.
Larguier Neighborhood Watch
Port Allen Neighborhood Watch


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